New EAF commissioned at TAGMET steel plant of TMK

SMS Siemag, Germany, has successfully commissioned an electric steelmaking plant at Taganrog Metallurgical Works of TMK Group in Russia.

The first heat in the ARCCESS® electric arc furnace was successfully carried out. The plant at the Taganrog location is rated for an annual production of one million tonnes of steel.

The new electric steelmaking plant of SMS Siemag replaces an existing Siemens-Martin steelmaking plant and meets the required high environmental standards by means of advanced gas cleaning technology and the feeding of filter dusts back into the melting process.

SMS Siemag has supplied an ARCCESS® electric arc furnace with a tapping weight of 135 tonnes, the scrap yard equipment, dust collection and gas cleaning systems as well as the additive supply system. Further, SMS Siemag has equipped the installation with a combined injection system which allows injecting lime, filter dust and carbon.

The entire X-Pact® electrical and automation systems have also been provided by SMS Siemag. It comprises the process automation (level 1) as well as the technological process model for the furnace process (level 2) and the commissioning according to the tried and tested “Plug & Work” concept.

OAO “TAGMET” is a company of the Russian TMK Group, one of the largest manufacturers of pipe steel grades for the oil, gas and civil engineering industry in Russia. The main production sites of TMK Group are Taganrog, Seversky, Volzhsky and Sinarsky.